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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 24, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ breaking overnight a massive earthquake in central italy. dozens are dead as rescue efforts continue around the clock.oc this morning the pope amongemo those praying for victims and ad survivors. a classroom controversy onso the first day anne arundel county publicubli schools defending its sport forr transgender students using these bathroom they're mostre mos comfortable with. allergy outrage. prices for those emergencyrgency allergy shots have just sky sky rocked.ed now, we're learning about thebot pay raise the company's ceo gave herself.. wait until you hear how much. and later -- >> ♪ >> reporter: -- jason derulo talking dirty to holly andnd wisdom. what you say? good day at 9a 9a starts now.
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♪ we'll take you till 11:00 o'clock this morning.ock thanks for staying with us it'ss 9:00 o'clock on this wednesdaysd august 24t 24th. i'm steve chenevey, alongside maureen, holly and wisdom martii as well. >> jason derulo is not the onlyy hit maker we're hanging out this morning. allison says down with usher, usher, usher. >> is it usher or ursher when ie was in south carolina it was ursher.ursh. up here it's usher. he'll start about his starring r role as sugar ray >> one last day to enjoy theoy e break from the extreme heat andh humidity.mi there's live look outside rightt now. now. temperatures only in the 60s and 70s this morning. tomorrow leave it or we couldwe actually be talking close to 30 degrees higher.he >> what?ha >> it was fun while it >> is that true?at >> i mean really
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higher. >> 115 tomorrow? >> i was going to say. >> you're the weatherman. >> i mean i think they werehinke saying whoever wrote that if itt was 60 then tomorrow it would bb 90. 90. >> okay, i see where they're wrt going. i see from our morning low toorw our high.igh. >> yeah.>>eah >> i think that's what thatt's a (laughter). >> if i had to decipher. decip >> good job, holly high no ideae what that meant.. yes. daytime highs won't bes n't 30 degrees warmer but we arer be going to be warping it back uprb starting with today little bit t warmer than yesterday.rmn the good news very comfortablefe overnight and early thishis morning, and again not a lot oft humidity out there early that'ss fantastic.fantastic. currently we are looking at a lo that's a live shot behind you. generally blue skies. 74 degrees humidity very hity comfortable 64%.64% winds now that's big player plae here. winds now out of the south and e southwest at nine and with thosh surgical and southwesterly winds kicking in well start to pump uu the heat and the over the next couple of days itt had gradua gradually happen it w happen in the next hour or two.o should be beautiful day few dayw clouds out there dry afternoon, high pressure right -- like that sound effc
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right overhead.. and that will keep things dryngy around here later today.. so another beautiful day. day. yesterday we made it to 84.4. today it will be little warmer 88. 88 and then back into the 90sto t tomorrow and, yes, by friday like smell heat advisories, mids to upper 90s. 9 heat wave number seven.even blah, blah, blah that will beat back. i'll have details on it just asn minute, guys.mi back to you.back tyou >> first up at 9:00 o'clockk devastating morning overseas ins italy earthquake there 6.2 magnitude quake struck a vulnerable mountainous region overnight.. several towns destroyed.. towns centuries old. old crews now flocking to the scenee rushing to rescue people had may still be buried under the ruinsi of buildings that stood juststoo hours ago. >> the epicenter of the quakef was just about 80 miles frommi rome. people there reporting theyting could actually feel the tremorse as they laid in bed. i bed annie yu has been tracking the t story all morning for us and hah the very latest w does it standa now annie.nnie >> good morning to you all itto continues to be a devastatingstn scene unfolding there in central
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mentioned when most werewh sleeping in their homes around 3:40am local time.ime. right now the number still sll stands at 38. 38 people dead. dd. and that number unfortunatelyoru expected to rise throughout the day.y. in this video you can see a mann and young child had been trappea in the rubble being carried away from the destruction in town -- in the town of amatrice.e mayor there telling reporterseps the town is gone.gone. it's destroyed.troy crews on the scene are still sll working as we speak hoping toint find more like them trapped but a life in the wreckage.age. witnesses on the scene arecene a reporting that first responderso are actually calling residentses cell phones hoping they'll pickc up and say they're trapped so that crews can sort of pinpointn where to search.eah now pope francis is respondingng to the devastation this morningi with prayer. prayer. the pontiff led worshipers in a rosary prayer during his generan audience this morning.his pope francis told the crowd he h was stunned by the devastation and suppressed his pain andn a solidarity for those who lost ls loved ones. os. also italian prime minister taot renzi encouraging itali
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remain hopeful this morning. moi he issued a statement saying "we are not going leave any family l alone from any district.from ans we are going to work because ine the next few hours we mustt continue to bring people alive i from beneath the rubble ande bring hope to that territory "." we shall also mention, guysy crews working on the scene are a by no means out of the woods oew yet. the us geological survey isy is warning that after shocks shoull be expected throughout theou region in the coming hours and possibly even days.ays as you can imagine offers of off help are pouring in from all over to help italy and many man ready to provide assistance inti coping with the aftermath ofh te this strong earthquake.thake. back to you guys.back >> all right. that's a lot of damage.ot o when you see that it's hard todo imagine an entire town is gone.e >> crumble to the ground.thoun >> gone. >> they were saying a lot of the damage newer buildings becauseer the ones that had been -- olderr had stood the test of too many but unfortunately the newer oneo of course collapsed this timetht around either way just hoping to find any survivors and prayingna that that happens.t ens. >> right.>> r >> absolutely.>> >> 9:05 is the time right now. h the other big news story thistoi morning here's a question.n. would it be okay if
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went on an overnight schooll sponsored field trip and was w paired with a student that isha biologically of the opposite sex?sex? >> for some parents in a annee arundel county not only is thati not okay but the school policiee guiding the privacy transgenderr students is coming at a cost to all students.s. it's never dealt with aer d controversial surrounding al rrd transgender student but they di send out a 42 minute video outeo to all their schools explainingn the recent directives from theds federal government and what thet laws allow themed that or not on here's a bit of that training tg video that we pulled fromed from youtube.yoube in it school administratorsator explain that students who are sh transgender are allowed to share facilities with the gender theyy identify with.. but by law, the school districtr says it is not allowed to tellel other parents or students abouts the student's jent identity. it boils down they say to ano an issue of privacy. >> i don't know what the answer is, um, i'm not sure that i feel comfortable with the situationui of someone who is, let's
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going through some sort of change staying with the girls oo an overnight trip.ri >> i think it's huge that we t don't judge, and i feel that wew all human and we have to have more compassion and i don't i dn think that -- i've heard peoplel say to me, well, you know, it opens up pedophile possibiliti pssibilities, but honestly i hes think that there are good and ad bad in everything in this worldr and i don't believe that we need to judgeli. >> the school district saysic people need to look at theee loo bigger picture here.gger p h they have say it's not a n a transgender or sexualsgenor orientation issue, but it's it' their job as school system toteo support all children in the best way possible.. >> it's an interestinges development and it's hard it'sas going to be hard because now yow have administrators and teache teachers. they need to be trained on whatn to do so that they don't have any missteps or they don'tteps d offend anybody if theyon don't t be -- all these things need to be taken into
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deal with this because it is a federal directive. whether it will stand up inill nourt is another issue. right now it's a federal manda mandate. >> very hard to maintain the privacy.privac >> yes. >> as well because you basic voy to dance around all theseunall h situations.situ >> right. >> you have people saying whyles are you doing this? >> rightdo. >> in some cases bound by the bt law they can't say.ey can't s >> word gets out.>> wore just gets jusgets ot i think it's going to be realea issue that parents have to facef and talk about with theirh children.dren. >> right. right. >> you know.>> >> last hour we were talking about the bot kitestimony linene look, it's a new world -- say ay new world for most people coming into it and having to learn toea about this.ab >> because it's out there >> it's something we do talk do about now.out now. >> exactly.>> exactly. >> we didn't talk you about itat before. >> we're talking about andki hopefully there is a solution.uo initially it will be tough.l be. there's no easy way around itd right now. >> yeah. all right. y 9:08 is the time. time. dc delegate eleanor holmes hol norton is meeting with the wit e national park service to talkk e about the washington monumentinn elevator break downs.reak. she's concerned that closuresthe will impact travel visits to d.c. as we told
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the monument has had its share e of issues lately closing down d that elevator for maintenancentn multiple times.. right now it's in the middle ofo a 10 hiv day shut down.shown. >> also, today, bethesda's ownwn katie ledecky first off her four gold medal performance in rio and one silver will throw out the first pitch at the oriole orioles/nationals nationalsnati game. she's done it before twice. the first time backfo in 2012 i0 after she won their first goldee in daal at the london olympicly and the second time in 2014. 201 >> did you ever question shestio wouldn't have great form in anya athletic endeavor? >> right? >> excellent form.m. >> you're jealous, >> ial am jealous. jealo >> that's a good looking pitch. this is game one of the divisios play off series again the san t francisco giants.gits. hopefully she can bring the team little we'll have highlights if yous iy want to call them that from last night's loss a little later.ater >> maybe she'll be the lucky luy charm tonight. >> let's hope. >> so much talk bout epipens recently. they can be a matter of life anr death especially back to nowack
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but paying for one, it's a, it's matter of breaking the bank forr some parents.ts folks outraged by the price hike founding out about new reportewr that might make them even moree upset.set >> all right.>> later on josh norman sounding sd off about the head of the nfl and his team's new controversiai name. well, it's new controversy --er- his new team's name he just gots here. here. >> the old nape has beens b controversial for >> forever. we got the highlights of his the view from espn coming up. stay with us. we're back in a moment.
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>> 9:13 talk about sticker3 ta shock. if you deal with epipens you've seen it coming overpe the lastt month. even couple of years.ou the coplst of the life-saving dd has been sky rocketing sending n people with deadly allergies ous into panic panic mode. the drug is used by millions ofs people in cases of seriousus allergic reactions things likesl nuts and seafood and insect ins bites it can be a real lifesavee jennifer davis live on capitol l hill on the latest.t. there's downside to the story aa well.we jenny, good morning.d morning >> reporter: yes, hi there,re, the reason that this is an issue right now for so many familiesie whose children need thee epipeni you have to stock up on them for the start of the school year.ea. we need one box in your child'ss classroom.
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one with the daycare pre cidar d and outrage over the cost of each of these boxes now not onlo difficult for families but it's' getting congress' attention.ttti a number of lawmakers now on on capitol hill are asking both thh senate judiciary committee andma the federal trade commission too take closer look at pharmaceutical company my land n who makes epipens these pens are auto injector injectors anothero shots that deliver the medicine epinephrine.epinephr the biggest competitor for f epipen was forced to recall itsi product after concerns ofrn malfunction and many say my land has taken lang of monopoly. that's because it's estimatedst that the amount of epinephrinepi in each device costs about a dollar.llar. since 2007, prices have beenn hiked 400%. 400%. from about $100 for box of two w now to $600.60 certainly there is great outraga not just because this is a lif life-saving medicine because hou difficult it is for familiaror r who's have to cover the cost.o o as the price of the medication has sky rockete s
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salaries at mylan with heather bresch's compensation going from $2.4 million in 2007 to nearly $19 million last year.r now, this ceo and who she is she sets up a bit of a tricky situation for lawmakers here on capitol hill because heather hee bresch is the daughter of west virginia senator joe mansion.sin she has successfully lobbied lod congress for years to increase i the profile and the reach off epipen which is now in schools across our area, and around the country, but now it is veryser possible shell get called up to capitol hill to face some toughu questions from lawmakers about o why her company has done this. i my land has put out statementste in the past saying they haveav long add 53 indicated for antini phil lacks situation awarenessrs and they off coupon savings sins cards although some families sas those cards save them a hundredn dollars box. if you have to buy three or fou boxes many say they're nowy' now paying more for the medicationao than they do for their mortgageg back to you guys. >> lock it some
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situation for congress becausesb her dad is a member of congress. >> right.>> right >> they shouldn't show any sho a preferential treatment ifti congress approved this andpprodd spread the word to boost this ii the past, well, then congresson has that be it wear it's feeding the beast as well.ell. >> i wonder -->> i wr -- >> in theory, steve, you areu a right. >> in theory, yes.ghtheoryyes >> the company that was in in competition went out big thereue was an issue with. there are any other companies. >> does epipen have monopoly ony whatever the technology is. >> mylan that is. is >> if i had the wherewithal to put keg together to compete witi that knowing the am of market mr cap that's there -- >> seriously.>>eriously. >> yeah absolutely i would jumpy on board with it. b >> i hope someonoae does.oe it. it >> doesn't look like anybody loo else. >> the good news it's been flagged and so the process of questioning is beginning instead of it just -- just >> it make me wonder how many more medications do people neede being gouged in this way. >> a lot i think.. >> so unconscionable to menablee companies can do this.n dohi lives are literally at stake ank they don't care.on care. it's were you profit.u pr >> i think i heard another storr one of the reasons is because bu there is no generic alt
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writ? that is the problem.. someone could come up with generic alternative -- >> a dollar to make --ake >> the drug costs dollar.r. >> right.>> >> should be able able to comeoe up with mechanism.. >> that's insane and they making a gazillion dollars to up the price.e. 9:17.9:17. from price shock to sugar shockk is it time to row think what wt goes into our kids lunch boxes?s major health organization says and it's putting new limits on n sugary foods and drinks.. the american heart associationii and panel of health expertsxper recommending that kids eat lotat less sugar. sug. sugar is found in processed foods, fruits, certains, certa beverages, honey and here are the new guidelines guii chirp ages two to 18 should not consume more than 6 teaspoons of added no more than 8-ounces of sugaryr drinks per and no added sugars for children under two. t >> that was on the parents ifars they're under two hair notr n asking for a soda or anything an else. >> i can't think
9:18 am
you gave zula when she was unded two with added sugar.ugar >> no rice serial d that have sugar in it. i >> i'll bet does it. dit >> what about molasses or syrupr >> not under two. two. >> not under two.>>nder now i give him a bottle with a straw in it. i >> right.>> r let hip slurp it right on up. >> sugary drinks are huge problem. this is one reason why i wasas steadfast on not letting theng t kids have all these drinks allna the time.. water or good orange juice. juie >> it's hard when you go tou got like -- now all of a sudden when you go to functions and otherdth kids and other parents are a allowing their kids and you're'r trying to explain your kid theyt need to be drinking water. >> why that's evil.t's >> and lemonade is evil or appla juice is evil.s e >> i was at a ballgame thesee te parents had three kids undernder five. fi they got sodas. >> god bless if they have threee under five. >> they brought them refills on the soda. good luck with that.t >> i know. that's sugar and caffeine.e >> right.>> r. >> they'll be up all night. nigt >> that's a nightmare.ghtmare >> one advice i'm glad i don't have is like sugar drinks in
9:19 am
home. we don't have that.. but we have other advices.. (laughter).. >> clearly. clear >> clearly.learly. >> that make up for it. >> yes.>> >> that's not on the list. >> murder investigation isgation montgomery county a new twistn i empty presidential race and and great escape that you just haveh to see to believe. >> and later, raw and real. rea i'm sitting with i still haveave key card host sarah fraser to talk about a private pain thatn played out extremely public cal -- publicly. publicly. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan, how can i help you today? yeah, i got a big problem with my new tv. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. okay. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mcenroe. um, see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right.
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can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that. hey, it worked! so i don't have to see the cable guy again? oh no, we're not cable, mac. did you just call me "mac"? --enroe. mcenroe. mr. mcenroe? tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. get 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just 69.99 a month online for 2 years, guaranteed with a 2 year agreement. only fios offers speeds this fast at a price this good.
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>> it's 9:22. al is back with a a check of th stories making >> good morning, steve.morn good morning to all of you. you first up a man is dead afterer shooting in burtonsville,vie, maryland.nd police say the victim was in his 20s.20s. investigators were on the scenee all night long.g the scene unfo
9:23 am
around 10:30.0: the shooting happened on sandy spring road.ring no word yet on the victim's -- on the circumstances surroundinn the shooting of the victim. hillary clinton is undercl fire as the campaign trail heath up. this time she's being blastedst for more than 15,000 more additional e-mails the fbi discovered on her private serv server. she's also facing backlash forsr the clinton foundation.ation. meantime her opponent donaldt nd trump is asking the justice jus department to appoint a special council to -- coup toto investigate those e-mails. gop nominee is cueing the clipsi to of public office privately profit pay for play in otherorl words. new concerns over the sprear of the zika virus this morning.g this as officials confirm a non-travel related case in thehe tampa bay area of florida.lo a woman reportedly came down dow with the virus there. the officials are now looking to ses if anyone else in the area alsos has the virus. so they can attempt to find the
9:24 am
the nbi investigating cyberb attacks targeting reporters ofrs the new york trying to determine whetherheth russian intelligence agenciesnc are behind it. i investigators believe thes belih attacks targeted certain reporters and they don't believe the newspapers and tire networko was affected.te no word yet on how manyw man reporters may have been affectee or how many e-mail accounts were hacked.hacked. finally have you seen this? wee just cannot get enough of it. the seal that unsealed itsle i future.fu check this out.k th little guy.littuy. jumped on the back of a whale ow watching boat off the coast of vancouver island.ersl we're calling it the great gre escape because the seal washe sa trying to get away from a pod oo orcas were who were hunting him. the whale followed the boatthe b closely once the seal was safely aboard but they eventually gavee up and they swam away and thatnt seal could be heard saying,ayg, nanny, nanny, nanny you didn'ty get me.t me. i love that story.y >> doesn't the seal have to go back in the water?n e wa >> no that seal can go do a saff haven somewhere. >> aww. >> you got to foal for thato for little guy.
9:25 am
but he made it. it. >> take me to beach.. >> exactly. >> get me out of here.t her >> that is cute.>> that >> very>>ery >> super cute. c >> thank you allison.nk y >> you got it. still 90 minutes left an lot to get tgh coming up josh norman not nt holding back when it comes toom how he feels about his boss. b >> plus jason derulo talking dirty and showing us thou kitu hit them folks.olks. remember that dance lesson wessw got.t. >> wis and i picked it up it upi really is just as embarrassing as it sounds. it we'll share it with you any wayy though. >> also fresh up at 10a the bess wrestler in the world gold med m list helen maroules will join uu live in the loft.oft we'll chat with her and a celebrate her gold medal. allison will talk to the one and only usher who is summoning thet spirits of sugar ray. dc maryland favorite.orite and later the only time we tim w actually get to say this buthis it's peanut butter jelly time. >> peanut jelly time. t >> in the good day at this timet we'll explain what we're talkin' ab
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it's 9:26 now. 9:26 now. today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days.
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>> well i found out the hard wau it had a curse word in it when was listening with the kids. t >> that word came you and i was
9:29 am
like -- >> they've already her it. >> they were like ooh, daddy. dd >> they were like dad, don't sas that. >> put on kids bop.s b you'll never go wrong. >> this has been all o'. series not going the way nats fans hoped. nats with an eight game lead inl the division the o's put up eight runs last night. nht won eight-one.-o game three of the series movess to nationals park tonight.onht >> did you watch last night? lag >> i didn't see it last >> gary said they put rookieooki pitchers out there against the e best hitting team. t >> that's going to happen.s gogo >> they still have eight game g lead. lead >> bryce harper taking hisg h talents to fashion.ashion he created a limited edition baseball cap for a good >> it's a great by september but i'd like tepo see the >> go to tow harbor heroes charity for children battling bn cancer and the leukemia and lymphoma society. siety hats will go on sale today. >> great cause and i migh
9:30 am
one of those up. >> i definitely will get one.. >> nice arm >> can i get one of one >> i'll take two.wo. check this out.ecis o redskins newly signed cornerbacb josh norman making headlines hin after an eyeing and extremelyxte candid interview with.ew w cement pn the magazine outspoken norman didn't hold anythingg back. bac here are a couple of highlightsh when asked what he thought off commissioner rah roger goodell norman said i get he make the t owners money but literallyitally anyone could do that. tha a dog could. he's a dog in a suit. horrible. he a straight horrible.rie. >> how does he really feel?eallf >> i'm just saying.ay are you confused by anything heh said there?sa >> he'll have to play clean thin year he might get fed ex e envleopes in the locker room.oo >> and when asked about theut controversy over the redskins name, he says this. redskins is nota offensive to me. me i'm part native american on mycm mom's and dad's side. kind of a funny thing, though, a redskin playing for the redski
9:31 am
redskins. >> crickets. >> he said a lot in the article. i mean, i respect and we talkedd about it this with the junkiesus earlier i respect people whople come out and say the best att what they.what they. to you don't want a team to say i'm the second best corner in c the league but you you have toe understand the target you put op yourself and you better deliverd on that claim or just don't makm >> how good of a player he is. >> he's solid.>> h >> he's solid?? >> but here's --ut >> but when you talk abouthen you're the best and you want tow be a legend, i'm just saying,ayn you'll have people trying toing knock you down.knk yo >> don't be rgiiis yourself. prove it.e it. >> probably better to refer to yourself a legend after you area a legend. >> right.. >> but i see it as well i'deli' rather a teammate say i want tot perform like a legend than to b like i'm going to -- to >> you can have the confidence.e my red flag to me, he had aad great year last year.ear. and carolina said no thanks.has. that would be red flag to me.. >> why didn't carolina keep him. >> they got to the super bowlupb
9:32 am
i'm not talking about what he'sh going to do this do he seems like a legitimate player. just talking, the -- >> he felt carolina wanted too basically put et cetera of its efforts into cam newton and notd deal with him end wanted to beto bigger fish and get more attention and he feels likeeelsl reigns have been cut loose withw washington now. he can be as brass and bravadora as he wants. h wan do his thing and play his way.a. >> when a guy on football team t makes statements like this doess it break the team apart, createe friction? he's speaking hisspea truth if you want to indicate it that, but does it create issues? >> the only friction comes iffrc you don't it doesn't matter what you say. >> as long as say whatever your want as long as you put it downd on the field. t field. >> you can talk about people'st' momma as long as you perform. pm >> i don't know about talking k about people'sno >> you have to be man enough toa say i broke down and it wasn't ' your fault.urlt. >> exactly.>ctly >> or your fault or your fault.o >> exactly.>> exactly. >> as long as you bring it a people love you.op >> yeah.ea which is the case with tucker. c all the time.. (laughter). >> he brings it and that's whytt
9:33 am
>> right, holly.ol >> what are you bringing now.inw >> what i like to do is hits hit the -- set the barlow andnd surprise people with the up ti tick. >> everybody is happy when you jump over the bar. imp >> exactly. >> we understand much that's my strategy o.ucstra. >> our motto here. o mot seems to be. 74 in washington.n 75 what nice overnight we overnight lows back in the low 60s again.gain early this morning that humidith remains in the pleasant category and we'll be in for very nicey n day. a little warmer than yesterday.d yesterday we made it to 8484 probably more like 87, 88 today with dry conditions expected.s . nice looking satellite/radar. high pressure right overhead itd will be slipping little further to the south over the next o couple of days, and we'll getet what we call return flow once o the winds start coming out ofg the west and the south, you'll,l feel that heat and humidityidit starting to build back into thee region we'll do another round oo pretty good heat and humidity bb thursday and particularly bylary friday afternoon.ernoon. friday looks like very hot oneoo with highs in the mid to upper 90s probable smell heatobea advisories locally again.. frontal system out to
9:34 am
it will dry to get in here justs won't have a lot of luck friday we'll have weak frontal systemte that may be will kick up kick isolated storm.. high pressure the name of thee h game again overhead right now but it slips further south and we get that return flow and we d get those temperatures back onrb the hot side along with thehe humidity by thursday and friday. maybe a few isolated stormsd s around here thursday and fridaya not the case today. do not have to be concernedrn about that today.out all right.l r tropics getting very active ande talking about this all morning.g peak of the hurricane season is think september 9th so we're 9t' starting to ramp up towards thaa peak here.peak h and we'll getting a lot of a loo action h this is gas stone tropical stors maximum winds 70 miles an hour. we had fiona i70t fell apart and this is the one we're really rel watching this is 99l not tryingn to get two technical they flew a plane into it yesterday. no defined circulation at thistt hour, but the pros specs therect at least the forecast modelingtl trying to make it into a weak tropical storm perhaps even an a hurricane as it approaches southeast florida. that's the forecast
9:35 am
end of the weekend. so no guarantees here, but agaia watch it carefully as it look like it could be impactingin fairly significantly populated l area bite end of the weekend ini the form of southeast florida. a all right. our seven day, 88 today. 93 tomorrow.. we're sipping out to collegeolle park friday morning.y morning come out and say hi. out a say please bring us some water. 97 degrees and there's yourre weekend forecast.t nice and dry around here it will remain hot. hot. temps in the low 90s saturdayatr and sunday. that's look at the weather the a forecast.fore plenty more good day d.c. coming up. up >> the show so you think you can dance is getting ready to to celebrate a birthday.y this coming monday it willil celebrate its 250th episode. ♪ >> meanwhile the competitionomti reaches new heights as the topae five dancers perform foror america's vote and joining us live from los angeles is judgeue of the show and pop super star jason derulo and dare i say jason,
9:36 am
(laughter).. >> love it.>>e so early in the morning. mning let's make it happen. >> come on. it's never too earl earl baby. . let's talk about first and forua most the big 250th episodepi watch a milestone for this amazing show. >> oh absolutely.y um, i think 250 officially makes this show legendary.. i mean, there's not very manyy shows that can cross that kind i of milestone so i'm just proudto to be part of it. >> jason, i got two crazywo cra questions for you. you tell me the best thing thatng t you've seen on the show as farw as you were like, wow, and tellt me the worst thing you've seenon where you're like eww. >> um, i think the best thing ti that i see on the show, i don'ti think it's like one particularta time, i think it's every time t somebody is an underdog and they kind of shock the world and, umu take it to the next level.evel. i'm always rooting for the t underdog. every time that happe,
9:37 am
those are the best moments. moms the worst moments, um, i thinkhi the worst moments are when nigen does his little jokes. (laughter). >> sometimes they go over super well. sometimes they don't.time i mean, and you know, sometimess the jokes don't make it onkes d screen like he's just talking tt the audience. it can be kind of painful sometimes, but, you know. kno he has his moments. >> i want to know, i got two g o questions. i want to know what your go to dance move, and what's the songs like a wedding that always getsg you on the dance floor immedia immediately?ely >> go to dance move right now is it's called hit them folks. so, um, it's one of the more the popular dances right now and it's basically hit them folks.. >> okay. >> have you seen it before?? >> really popular one. >> do that one more time. while you're talking. tking do it one mor
9:38 am
>> we're practicing while you'ru talking. >> the hit them folks. hit themo >> yes. >> ahh! ah! >> we're dancing while you'reane talking. go ahead.go what's your go to song and itndi can be your new single kiss thes sky if you want?? >> oh, right now, right now, that one is definitely one ofit the go yeah, i mean it's one of those t ones that you can kind of play y anywhere. you play that thing with thethih whole family, whether it's a bar mitzvah, a wedding, it doesn't really matter.ter. bachelor party everybody wantsan to kiss the sky. >> um-hmm b we let you go andeto we're so glad that you haveyou given us some of your preciouspr time today, tell us what it wass like to be at nats ballpark anda surprise everyone there on stage with taylor swift here in the he nation's capitol? >> oh, man. she's an absolute beauty. any time i get to spend time tie with her it's awesome.some but what better way to spend time than to spend it with allih the amazing fans in washington.. it was
9:39 am
really cool moment. m she said really kind words right before we went out.. so it was definitely one of thef flyer moments. >> flyer moments i do ask issks this. is that one of the things she te calls you and you say yeah, i'm, call her or do you call her and say hey, can i pop up in yourn y show? >> nah. i didn't call her.didn yo, taylor can i sing? (laughter). >> could you imagine? she's ss like no.o would you mind if i like crashed in washington.hington. no new york city, she hit me upe and was hey, what are you doingd this weekend? i was like, yeaha i'm kind of recording. what's good? she's like you's l want to come to washington? ino was like yeah.h let's do it. let's make this happen.s she was like yeah i just love your new song. s at that time want to want me waw the song and yeah. y we made it happen together. t >> wis and i had that sameha sae conversation with taylor but wet were busy that weekend so we couldn't perform. >> ye
9:40 am
>> next time.>> next time.neim >> hey, the next time you're inn the nation's capitol you got tot come in the loft and be on theee number one morning show good dad dc. how about that? for an invite? >> i heard that. when you come in here we canwe c hit -- what's it called >> hit the folks.. >> hit dem folks. fol >> we totally just embarrassed ourselves.s. >> hit dem folks.em fol >> thank you so much. >> okay.>> oka ya'll got all of that. >> um-hmm. >> what did you call them the maureen.maeen >> hit dem old folks. >> don't hit dem old folksol they'll fall over. or >> i am old folks.olks catch all new episode of so youy think you can dance monday at at 8:00 right here on fox5.. very cool. so i don't know if you saw k the pictures online onor notr nt definitely one to see. hillary clinton in photo booth b with justin timberlake, jessica biehl, many more people weree we invited to the party as well.s sounds like a dream come truee for some. for so nightmare for others perhapsps but, you know
9:41 am
you can decide.ecid >> is ryan lochte playing theyie michael phelps card? we'll goel live to tmz for this details asa welch it's now 9:41.1. ♪ wish you could nourish your hair dove oxygen moisturelat? with oxygen fused moisture... for the nourishment you need... with 95% more volume. dove oxygen moisture. it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits.
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that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. >> we're going straight to g hollywood talking about ryanlkin lochte how he might get off onon slap on the rift for histhe foh behavior in rio
9:44 am
hillary clinton new bess tease e might make some people jealouseo in the entertainment world.orld i wish i was there. wasre i don't have $13 million.on. >> we turn to dax holt live int the tmz newsroom. newoo good morning, dax., dax how you doing buddy?? >> hello. good morning.good >> obviously the ryan lochteyane story has been huge in the newss trending where are the us olympic committee will be punishing him for what happenede in rio. but there's talks about the t comparisons of him to michaelicl phelps.phel. michael phelps by the way by thy obviously was charged withrged t second dui and sick months suspension but not -- theyy didn't take away his medals. mel talk about where this iss i possibly falls in the place witt ryan lochte. >> yeah, well, you know, thew, t swimmers don't feel like it would be fair if they goty g punishment over six months they're saying look if michaelel phelps got to keep his medals md got to compete in the olympicsly and he had a second dui, whichch bow 10 shallly he could have hev killed someone, then they don'ty feel like their punishmenten should be any worse than that ta and if it is, just means usoc ic
9:45 am
the public because their crime i definitely not as bad as a dui in their pipe especially a espe second dui.secoui so we'll see how this comess c down. but we did do a poll on our o website to so what peopleeople thought. most people agreed.d. they said, you know, over sixvei months would be unnecessary. bne >> i mean i kind of agree witheh that precedent has been set. i will play definitely'sy' advocate for a second time.ime. obviously michael phelps off -- offenses behind the wheel were terrible. should have been punished legally by that.ley by t ryan lochte was embarrassing fof the whole country.ntry >> you can't look at it embarrassment for country count someone getting behind the wheel who is drunk and -- a - >> i'm trying to separate --epat >> you can't look at that as any less. >> no, no.>> no >> i'm not. >> at the lie.t the l >> i'm not.>>'m n i'm just saying one was done -- >> you think -- >> i'm saying one was done on someone's non olympic
9:46 am
the other was done on olympicly time. i'm just questioning, i'm noti' agreeing with any of this ih an think they both need to beey bhe punish but i'm just saying, would the olympic committee lool at it and saying if you didou d something during the actualduria olympics perhaps that might beig worthy of more punishment? >> yeah, but you got to look at the lie itself and what they're' saying is. you know, there was truth behinn they may have exaggerated it a a little bit but they were held at gun point.n they were told to give overve their money and at the end of ii they're saying that is still s robbery.ery. whether or not a sign was broken and someone urinated on thena t grass outside of a gas station,n they're saying, you know, hey, , yes, we weren't pulled out of a moving taxi, but all in all, we were -- there were parts of this that were true.that yes, it got exaggerated. yes, it turned into aninto a international story, but they're saying it's still not as bad asa a second dui if you'll set the bar at a six month is you pension for someone that gotha behind the wheel, then we then w shouldn't be any worse than tht that. >> i completely agree.pletely ag i think si
9:47 am
way too harsh considering the te idea there was lies obviouslyus but like you said the gun t gun pointing did actually happen and i think the dui second offense n is much worse. wor >> got to move on.o mo o big party out there when ithen t comes to politic and of course e we love politic here in d.c.n this was quite the guest list. >> yeah. quite the guest list.tis hillary clinton had fundraiser at justin timberlake and jessica biehl's house where got major star power but at $33,000 a awed lot big people show up toby maguire wass there with his wife, jenn aniston rolled in, scooter braun rolled up and she made a ton of money obviously off thisff t fundraiser.fura but i can tell you justin andnd jessica introd her just askedusk her simple question like why ara you doing all of this? why arey you wanting to run and ben b president? apparently herarentr answer got a standing ovation inside of there. listen, these people as famous
9:48 am
still way more famous than theme and they're wanting to spend aod lot of money to be close to herh >> this is supposed to be leo cap place, original, correct, ie that right?? >> i do think that was accuratec i think it was supposed to bee leo's either way there's a lotrt people out here in la that areae wanting to shell down big cashic have an event at their house. h they want to show their supporto for hillary and this is the besb way they can do it. it. >> thanks lot, dac.halot, appreciate it bud dough. >> 9:48. find out what her answer was.r s why she wanted to run for f president.pres breaking news left and right. right? >> check in right now also wanto to let you know you can tmz att 3:00 and seven right here one on fox5. holly over to you.lly >> all right. coming u>>p next, addictionon affairs and the happily everpile after that can result.ul i don't even need the prompter. i know what it is because it's my life i'm talking about,lkinao right? we're talking aboutgut sarah fraser's podcast. pcast i still have a key card and,ardd yes, people it's finally my tu turn. >> i can't wait. i >> we'll give you a little >> can't wait. >> next on good day d.c. good d.
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♪ >> you still has the key card h and they never changed theaser locks, here she is she's sarah fras brought to you by fox ♪ cox >> i'm not surprised they didn'y ask me to do the lyrics for thar song. song. >> no, we're not surprised, no.o we've heard you rap. clearly, you were not invited tt this in case you hadn't heard, czar,r fraser still has a key card and she's using it to unlock behindh the secrets here on the fox5. >> part of a new podcast seriesr and let's us talk about life ana work in way we may not be able to do on tv. this week sarah has anotherth story. story. holly is not here because she'se over there with sarah. >> we were just talking and we w think they might change the locc after this one. (laughter). >> just wait till people tweetee at us about all of this. t yours was amazing. >> so i've been here at fox 188 years, right, and so i have have lived a lot of life in thatn t time. and so i get one question a lott were you married to thehe weatherman? yes. y are you married to the the weatherman? no. no. haven't been for over a decade c now, and my life is great. g
9:53 am
that pretty much sums it up. i talk a lot more in depth abouo that time in my life.y l so let's go ahead and tell al a little bit of the podcast andcaa maybe people will get a feel. >> a lot of people i think a little bit your first hub washu the weatherman here.her >> right.>> >> but the really crazy part was you actually caught him cheatinn with someone that worked here. r >> okay. well we'll call this addiction affairs and the happily ever after that can result from it. i >> i love it.. >> okay? but i will -- i will w say this, too. too let me preface all of this by saying, it takes two people to o get married.ri it takes two people to get didot you ried >> right. >> okay? it's never 100% one person's fault. right? so, um, there's partsars that i played in this clearly ii order for my marriage to note to work out.. so i don't not own that.ha and i understand that. and therapy helped me with that. (laugh
9:54 am
>> god bless therapy. thera i'm telling you.m telling you. >> i love it, too. i l >> it gives you tools.. >> it does. to deal with it.eawith it. it does. so i mean the elephant in theint room, right or as you like to lt say a herd is i think a lot ofof viewers over the years have evee known there has been more to the story.y. >> sure. >> of what happened between you and the weather guy at the timem so you really -- what i i appreciate --ec >> at the time. a i wasn't married to tucker. we just wanted to make thatak clear. >> someone just brought that up. >> i think you're so honest. i mean it is it has such a happh ending and you really share alle the nitty-gritty and the dirt tt that was going on here, and som real heart ache. a i mean i guess the part that wah so shocking because when we hear of somebody having an affairffai don't get involved, don't tellon the wife. th don't tell the husband. hus and that was actually happeningi >> yes. >> you had wished that someonese had said something. >> people definitely don't wante to get involved.etnvol what i do respect not only was i dealing with it, my husband at a the time and the other woman wem were all working the same shiftt all dealing with the but all my co-wke
9:55 am
too and it was hard for everybody.eryb >> yeah. >> no one noes how to deal withw it. no one noes the best way to deao with it and you don't know how h you're going deal with it untili you're in it i talk a little bii about that.out th listen. >> this is as crazy as it getss so i'm married, um, my husbandyh is having an affair, shock jockk lives down the street he's our neighbor.neig he's talking about me on the mee radio. um, you know, all of this iss just kind of coming down on me. you find out -- now it's veryser hard. i will say for people that we w worked with they worked withd wh both us, it was very hard foror people to deal with it. i you know you're like choose me,s wait, choose me. >> that was like ---- >> it's hard because peoplese don't want to choose and it understood thatly even though i was hurtful i worked throughd th that and understood it.d it. you know what i'm saying? thisa is what i really understand because i'm a personly of faithh and i remember talking to mymbei grandma one time i was like lik grandma why is god making mee
9:56 am
said, holly, honey, what you don't know is from what god is sparing you.ou. right? >> let me tell you. did i not o mnly know i still si don't know what he spared mear from -- >> right. >> i also didn't know thehe absolute joy and happiness that awaited me and that he had for r me in finding my new husband and having my amazing son and the life i have now and i said it it earlier and i'll say it again, , that whole time in my life, it i was the best thing that evert ee happened to me.. >> well, that's really whaty people need to tune in for.. you have incredible husband anda adorable little son, and how you and your husband got togetherogt everybody wants this love story. >> it's a fairy tale. >> it's notebook brought tobookt life. >> if you saw this made for tv t movie that's so doesn't happen.p but it does. doe how do we find the podcasts.cast >> they are up
9:57 am
but on i tunes, google play you just search fox5 d.c. podcast ii will pop up there.. download them today.ay listen. we want your feedback so reviewe us on i tunes. it really really helps. h >> there you have it.he tck to ya'll.reback >> all right.ig >> real quick running out of time this hour. next hour helen maroules, god g med list will join us live in studio. allison talks with usher.. >> it's coffee time. t if you want one of the mugs we have a brand new one to givee away perfect cup for your doneod did you doughnuts coffee go to fox5 d.c. matt/contests orntes o facebook page. one win lucky winner selectedele randomly will get the mug. mug. you have until 11am to enter. it's nip 57:00 now. we'll see you next.
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♪ epic must see moments. men our very own olympic super womam all only in one place, good dayy at 10a. omg! usher do not meeteet allison seymour, with mr. usherh he's talking his new movie, time at the white house and new mus music. >> live in the lot of olympic royalty maryland's own helen maroules.maes. she made us so proud and she'snd here to discuss that unforgettable moment. on wednesday.sday. right? the 10a starts right r now. ♪ love that song. that son >> do you?>>o y >> love that song. s >> might have if any writ is hav still got to be yea. >> jason derulo and usher in i dance off hook wins.ins. >> usher. >> usher. >> no question. usher.>>he >> i don't think there's manyy usher songs --on - >> you better talk to jason derulo.rulo >> i don't think there's manyhey usher songs i don't like.n'ik he's got a good --ood >> he's been around for awhile.h he's got a big catalog. catal >> i don't like to admit
10:02 am
his one song daddy's home. >> okay. >> i don't like that one. >> everybody has one.very has >> you find one if you search. >> action shots coming up thisp hour portraying d.c. legend. leg we'll talk about that coming up in just a little b thanks for staying with us for s the 10a. i'm steve alongside holly, hol maureen and wisdom.d widom we got news to get off the top.. >> breaking news out of green oe belt maryland.aryland. spring hill lake elementaryl la school on lock down right now dg police looking forht suspicious man. they say he is not armed but the man is naked and there ishe i concern there. the school on lock down at thist hour. we're looking for details andeti we'll get it to you as soon as a we are able to get those detai details. spring hill lake elementaryke er school in green belt on lock down.wn >> area cherry wood lane and green belt metro drive.. we'll let you know if anythingfa happens there. if you have a child in that t school they are locked down ated the moment. to minute past the hour.ute pash let's check what else iss eck trending this morning we'llmornw start little late night round up and that begins with the finalth five making their debut.eb check this
10:03 am
♪ ♪ >> take you back to hungry, to , hungry hippos action. aion. those are your gold medaledal winners playing hungry, hungryy human.human >> on the tonight show lastt sw night. olympic champions competingin against each other. oer >> fallon would take on thelon girls but surpriselingly he didd not win.not w not surprising at all.ll he lost he was a bit wornbit w afterwards. he's apparently not in olympicip shape.ap congratulations to the >> who thinks of that?nks of t >> who thinks of hungry, hungryy humans much that is creative. >> who not only thinks of it but can build that set.hat >> and make it happen. >> they went to the top of the o empire statement building too.o. >> the girls all way weigh lesss than 100 pounds.. >> and 4 feet seven.even >> next up -- >> jimmy kimmel is running for r vice-president.ce-p >> ut-oh. >> i'm officially running for f vice-president of the united states.states >> can jimmy kimmel really be b trusted? time and time againe a he's proven to be deceit full
10:04 am
>> mate damon, we ran out ofranf time for him. >> duplicitous. >> it's been going on for a gngo decade. de matt damon continued his 13 year rivalry with jimmy kimmel thisml week with a taped attack ad parp rod deem the action star blast b the ununtrost worthy of the hosts fake candidacy or u.s.. vice-president. "making dress up as fruit for no reason.. slow motion footage of jimmy j strolling with matt's bff affleck.afec >> 13 years later still goinglli strong. and finally for late night wrap up -- >> three days later -- later - >> i was of course intoxicated. >> ryan, are you intoxicatedntoc right now? (laughter).. >> any reaction at all? (laughter).ghr). >> get it. >> let me ask you this, ryan.i do you know what a gun
10:05 am
>> i do. d i can answer that. >> did somebody put a gun tot g you? i don't know. i >> steven colbert taking on thee ryan lochte drama recorded hisd fake interview. he took some of lochte's responses from his matt laueratr interview created the parodyy interview. worth checking out if you have a couple minutes to spare.ut your late night round esup.ghron >> speaking the final five after the competition some of teene ot team u.s. a golden girls headedh to the beach for much needed ree and r. they snapped this fears -- - >> whoa! loo look at here stomach.stomac her beach photo. simone get it girl. all of you get it. it was shared thousands of tim times. it tends to happy these days the internet trolls came out to pl play. >> it really started with thiss tweet.eet the guy calling him angry hipp hippie. you find this attractive. lmao. lmao that launched a debate whether e the ladies' abs were too a twitter user named crystal
10:06 am
said this.his there's a best gymnast in thentn world i promise you they didn't' get those abs across your dustyy i'm sure you can fill in the fin blank what she had to say therey i agree, crystal, clap back the that troll stop it.. >> gold medals don't lie.'t lie >> no.o. >> people know better things to do with their te. >> right. >> than just be jealous.ju because that's all it is.that'sa >> are we really surprised byisb this? >> no. >> you can put up a pictureic avenue cross on social media and they're going to have haters out there. >> put a picture of your mug ana i'm not talking about this mug,s that mug right there.he >> people will be hating. hin >> that's just par for thes st r course. >> either mug >> either mug.he eit >> that's how people are. speaking of looks, courtneyt coccyx opening up about going ag under the knife.r the knife. the friends alum says she's done things she regrets it one it i comes to plastic the 52-year-old actress spoke as out while on an episode of running wild with bear grills.ri she said she was trying to keepp up with getting older and now nw she says she embraces a
10:07 am
her new motto is to just let itt be. so let's take look at a before f and after of the actress. >> okay. >> okay.>> o. there -- >> is this before or after? bef >> that's >> okay. okay. >> i think, right?? >> i'm pretty sure that's the after. cox says about plastic surgery r that quote sometimes you find yn yourself trying and then youingn look at a picture of yourself ys and you go, oh, god i lookoo horrible getting older is not in the easiest thing but i have h learned lessons.. >> one thing you can't control is the clock.'t >> right.>> >> no.o >> time always wins.. >> always. >> you know what at least she'sa coming and being hone now and na saying i made mistake. >> she's with bear grills eating bugs. bugs. >> take look at yourselfe lookyo differently. >> indeed. >> we've got warning for guys. . if you're the bread winner in we the house, it could be hazardouo to your health.ealth. study out of connecticutonnectit suggests that men's psychological well-being andbe health actually increase when w their wife takes on more
10:08 am
economic responsibility. >> hear that wisdom.. >> women psychological well-being saw an increase whenw they took on a great share. the study says the more bacon aa guy has to bring home the biggeg hit his body and brain will tae take. >> all right. >> i'm not sure ---- >> is anybody of that surprisinr at all? >> no.>> >> lighten the load basically.iy >> okay. >> share in the load.hare >> see if any of this surprises you. we'll talk about relationshipati deal breakers. it was actually myal facebook lv topic earlier this morning itng was put out by business insiders i they talked about some topics and whether they wereyer relationship deal breakers andas whether men thought they were or women thought they were. poor hygiene, deal breaker?er >> yes. >> of course. o >> absolutely. >> it was the number one deale u breaker for both men and women.. lazy. >> no. >> no? >> not too much.>> n >> yes. >> it was the number two dealmbt >> are these going to be inse g order. >> if so --f so -- >> guess what the number 31 was, steve?? >> too
10:09 am
>> no clinic ons. o >> deal breaker.>> deal brea >> it actually was more of aas f deal breaker for women than ith was for men. m being into n no sense of humor. >> that is a deal breaker for me. >> we're all 100%. 1 >> none of these are good thin things. here's one that difference.ree. bad sex. >> we already talked about thist of course that's deal breaker.rk >> deal breaker?l bre? >> yeah.. >> i think they're all deal the' breakers in way.eakers iway. >> no. >> it's not deal >> no it's not deal breaker.rear >> why wisdom. wisdo >> i feel you can work with badd sex. you can work with >> you can?an >> if you have everything elsehe in place and that's the onlyt's thing i got to deal with, i cani deal with >> what about fulfill in manyfil marriage and this is likege someone who's not -- ao's no-- >> let me say it. >> we talked about this. abo t >> it's fulfillment.lfilent because for a lot of dudes ifdes you're getting sex, then that'st fulfillment.fu there is no such thing as bad sex. >> wait a minute.>> w i recall we had thislle ha conversation before.sati weren't you the one that saide s first you said sex was integral
10:10 am
to marriage.. >> right. he didn't say it had to be goodd >> you're right.>> y're (laughter).ghter) >> holly morris. that's all i'm saying. >> i stopped listening a longina time ago.time a i don't know.don' can you really keep somebody, sd either you got it or you don't. >> that's not true. >> i think you said that on youy podcast.podcas mbdon't remember what i >> oh, my. >> really though if you gotf g everything else in place, andla, that's the only thing that'shi t missing, i mean, cull on really? >> it's a deal breaker. bre >> if everything is in >> no sex is a deal breaker.. >> that's deal breaker. bak >> it's not deal breaker you'lll go through live like dang. d >> wow!ow! >> really? >> really? >> i don't think it has to be't that way all the time. t all tim >> well this from the woman whow doesn't even think we're we're supposed to be monogamous we're not wired that way.not >> we're not.e're >> here we go. >> is that a deal breaker? >> mon nothing gam me. >> mon nothing gam me for me i i wo
10:11 am
but i don't think human beings that we are meant to be ---- >> engineered to be monogamous. i think it's again a construct u of society. s keeps us in order. >> steve, are you feeling okay? you're notfe talking.. (laughter). >> steve is like listen --s li >> i don't want no part of thata >> i'm with you, buddy. bud >> no part of that still to come this morning gold medal winner e helen maroules is here with us s from rockville grew up here up h training now to the west coastwa now but we want to -- we want tn you tweet congratulations to het so we can pass them along to h her. #gooddaydc and we'll use that ut during the segment coming up inp a little bit.leit. >> first we'll talk about diva v moment. mome ma roy ya did what? >> it maria. did you see the picks of idris alba. ladies how you can get these the epic empire looks that we'll show you or maybe not.. we're teasing you after the break. ♪
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
♪ ♪ >> mariah carey has a bigcare catalog of hits. (laughter). >> wisdom. >> what? >> you went there. >> what? she does have a lot of hits. >> big catalog of hits . >> catalog is huge. >> 10:14 is the time.e te it is time now for the good dayy
10:15 am
>> first up, guys, i love, lovev love this story.ry mariah may not know who j.lo isi but she does know who beyonce'.. mimi's fiance' was trying to set the move and turned on craze soz in love and mariah was not w n feeling it.feelin it. >> that's in the for date nightt crazy in love.ov >> maybe he wanting dancingan before they got -- i don't know. >> play let's get it oh and.. >> put on move >> sean happy for it.for it perez hilton is reporting shetis flew the computer playing theyi song out the window and left tht room screaming.eaming needless to say the two spente s the night in separate parts ofes the house and mimi natural hal a few glasses of wine to cool >> what do you mean naturally. >> that always calms me down. mariah mc gluck gluck.luck >> no, any time i need to calm down. >> what's happening here we'ree saying they were getting readyyg to get intimate. >> right. >> he played the wrong song..
10:16 am
the window and perez hilton noee about this.about t >> i was wondering the same t sm thing. who reported it.d i >> one of the staff members. >> staff members.. >> they've got staff upon stafff upon staff. staff. >> the staff member was outsidet the door guarding the door and saw the computer came out and ot said they might be trying to get it on and that was the wrong wro song. >> something happened. on, jay-z and beyonce' enjoyedod couples not in new york on o monday note super star couplepe was leaving the xva theateraheat after premier of hasn't of stono a fan got a little too close c pore jay-z's like. lik again naturally j see intervenee to protect his you can see jay-z take the fan f and push them from beyonce' as a they head to their car.. >> where is he. we. >> there's the bodyguard right t there. >> i see the bodyguard.ygua >> where is >> rewind it.>>d it >> next. (laughter).(laughte >> holly has moved on with her life. life. >> that
10:17 am whatever.atev >> jay hit him with dem folks. >> needless to say he didn'tidn' appreciate anyone getting thato close to bay. >> okay. let's talk about john legend.ohd >> okay good. >> yea. john legend bringing another important moment in history toto the small screen. screen john legend who's also thehe producer of the successful drama underground --rgro >> is he, i didn't >> create series about blackla wall street the true story of of wall street centers around an economically stable community in greenwood, oklahoma into the the 1900's of it was full of doctoro and entrepreneurs before it wast attacked by white rio riots who burned the town downtown leaving 9,000 families homeless. the series is in the beginningin stages but slated to ar in 218. interesting. >> i'm sure it will be good. anything he does is good.doess o >> that's mazing.. >> for sure.e. >> actress idris --
10:18 am
chris alba taking on a new roler and getting hearts beating.ting. he's training to becomeome professional boxer. all his hard work and sweat wilw be filmed for new documentarytay series that will air on the discover row channel. it has been a live long ambitiob of his to become a professionala boxer and he's living out thoset dreams and looking good doing it. >> let me tell you something. >> i understand it may beit mayb exciting to see that happening h in the the ring. let me tell you something. >> what wisdom. >> there's in way idris should l get in ring with to knock yourcy face off. >> it's his money maker.s s mo >> i'm just saying.'m >> you're right.e t. >> not going to james bond if bi you're all beat up? u >> that's right. that's righ >> you'll be playing lord of th rings and be wondering what happened.ened >> the precious.s. >> congratulations in order forr rapper dmx. >> what? good because he becamm a father for the 15th time. >> what? wha >> 15 times. >> wow! >> yeah. >> you heard that correctly. thr dmx has 15 kids. kid this is his
10:19 am
long-time girlfriend. dmx has four other children witt his ex-wife at a shear rah. rah the reason that she's likely his ex is because he fathered 10d other children while they werele married. >> dogs got a dog.og let the dog roam. isn't that what he wt hs >> let me ask this. me so was it -- is it child numberm nine or 10 out of wedlock that she's finally like, okay, nowkan i'm calling the quits? qui >> i was okay with eight kidstid out of wedlock but once we gotee to nine and 10 -- 10 >> that's true.s true >> it's over. >> i can't take this no more.thr >> he's like what do you mean? >> sometimes love isn't love. >> woof woof. woof of >> ome! >> don't make us do it. >> it's too early. it' >> we don't do it untilt until september.r. >> okay. >> cookie lion flawless taraji p. henson will getting her ownwn make up collaboration with mack. mack quoted this announcement aa you will of us saying taraji p henson has won the world
10:20 am
with her fearless performance, carrat mat tick -- thek -- collection will include lipsticc named strip me down. it will be available online and in select stores in epp september.ember. please let select stores be ine the dmv, right?ht >> that would be cool.. or get it on amazon much this is your weekly reminder.. empire season three returnset september 21st right here on fox.x >> i might have to get me someeo of that makeup. >> mack makeup.. knock this shine off my face.ffc see what's happening. (laughter). >> i'm just saying.. >> what? why you looking a thee me like that?me lhat? >> yours is called lusciouss lucious. >> and finally, james core din d will have yet another viral video. >> you got it.>> y got >> latest carpool karaoke karke installment.t. kevin you knew about thishi earlier. erin mc gluck gluck. >> naturally
10:21 am
>> ♪ tomorrow night britney spears will join corden and britt fansn look forward to belting out some of their classic chart toppers they can expect tmi conversatioo the video getting backlash foras britt bit's appearance lipe lip syncing. >> she did that on purpose.po >> i would bet money shehe actually sin >> i think she will, too.nk she, >> i want to know will a snakeke show up in the car? >> wouldn't that be so cool ifl one slithered up and over. >> if she sang with james corder that will be the first timeir tm she's ever sang. >> h! >> h >> i think she's going to sink'g and he's not. >>an i'll bet you guys money she sings.ngs. >> we'll talk in the break.ak. >> what did you say, steve, autt tune in the car? car >> yeah, right.. >> okay.ka >> 10:21.0: coming up later, allison and a usher. what he told her about playing d.c. boxing legend sugar ray leonard in the roberto doranan
10:22 am
after his friends at 1600 pennsylvania of a move out. out first, though, we are loving alg the back to school pictures. keep them coming use the #fox5firstday.irst so we can celebrate them. aaliya and kierra at saint mary's county schools going bacb to school today.oday. ♪ now at havertys furniture, it's our labor day sale. where you can create the perfect home. from now until september 5th,
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10:25 am
>> 10:24. let's get caught up on breakingh news from italy earthquake struck in the mild of the night. we now know the death toll has reached 73 and that includes sadly two children. hundreds more seriously hy urt t crews continue to comb through c the rubble left behind.behind. 6.2 magnitude earthquake.thqu this in the umbria region stilll looking for survivors but thatut death toll which started at five, err 4:35 at a dozen up too 73. also following developing newsnl coming out of northern virginia this gas leak apparently near a a construction site in ball town. jenn for davis is there on the e scene. what happened, jenn? j >> reporter: buys guys its gu i looks look they're opening the road as we speak. speak randolph road in ballston haslso been shut down between northwe cleve and wilson here forer sometime this morning. morning. and it started with a strong s smell of natural i'm joined by gary manning you saw all this happen. happen. tell me how did you guys firstui realize there was a problem? w had customer who walk andal and smelled it and call the cops. t he will it one of my co-workersr know. as soon as he did he opened the door and we evacuated everyonevn
10:26 am
and we went to that mercedeserce dealership next door to be a be safe distance away after a smelling the gas.elling the gas >> reporter: you were sayinger y how strong did it smell and didl you have any question about aio whether to stay behind or go? og >> right away i left after last week's accident. accid you can smell it and you could c hear it coming out of the hole.e it's very strong.on everyone was really worried weyw wanted to get as far as away asa possible. >> reporter: a lot ofepr: construction in this area.ti someone told you it was relate l to do that, right. r >> they had just done paving pav this week an large truck had tck gone over it and popped the capc they had to fix that. that. that's what the gas people hadee told me. they had to repair a valve tod today. >> the crime tape is tum comingm down literal as we speak. sak good news for folks in ballstono major roadway here.. between wilson and glebe lots of traffic in this area.affi so it does look like it shouldtl be opened up shortly srt firefighters are packing up their hoses, washington gas isas pulling out.pulling back to you guys.backyo >> all right, jenn, thanks about that
10:27 am
>> she's nothing other than theg best wrestler in the whole widee world. and coming up next gold med lism and rockville's own helen maroules is live in the loft. tl you see her right there, freshre off her big win in rio. it is 10:27 and we're all going to take turns trying on theg medal coming up. u >> i thought you were going toow say trying to wrestle her. >> no, no new york city. >> i'm smarter than that.
10:28 am
10:29 am
but zzzquil is different have pain medicine because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep. ♪
10:30 am
all right. in case you didn't already know it, maryland dominated thehe summer games athletes from the free state brought home 14 goldg medals and one of them happensms to be in the loft right now ro rockville's helen maroules the t first american woman ever to wii the gold in wrestling and she as did it by beating an limb pick icon. she joins us now with more on how she actually did it.t what it was like in rio and what comes next and as we wereer waiting to come on she's like, l was just like can i hold the she was like do you want to weaa it? i'm like congratulations.tuons it is so all inspiring for youpf to be here with us.s >> thank you. you thank you for having me.u fohavi >> kind of take us through youry time there.. because you know, here you are it's a relatively new sport inpi the grand scheme of things forse the olympic, right.ight >> your going up against the woman who has dominated three times olympic gold. gol here you are in the finals. fal what's in your mind? you thinkk i got a chance or i just need tt hld
10:31 am
>> yeah, it's, um, i don't think i ever know for shower if i'mr going to win before every tournament, every match so i so kind of always think don't counu yourself out. give it your all, and but especially for this olympics i i mean i work my whole live for ii it's this moment and, um, i wasw just wondering i was looking to feel like that i was going to win before.n befo before i even started and iand i couldn't find that so i just started saying christ in me i'me enough and i literal womanoman just -- i would speak it outlo outloud. i would say it while i was whi wrestling when i was losing i would just say it outloud. oloud >> she went up one to nothingot first you came from behind andid then ended up winning four-one.- now when you go up and you'reour taking the lead, are you just like, okay, just maintain.aintn just maintain.. >> no. for myself personally i can'tant think like that. because, um, i think when you wy start wrestling to win it kindin of paralyzes you. y and so for myself, i just --ust- when i truly wrestle my best i'm
10:32 am
is like a form of worship so i'i like i have sick minutes to juss give it my all and i'm just --u i'm so invested it's almost likk the match is over and i'm like i want to keep going. it's just -- it was really justs a lot of emotions.moon >> and emotions were on display. it was one of the better momen moments. because your opponent clearlyppn never thought she was going to g lose, right? she was inconsolable and you were out of your mind happy right as youas should be.ld b did you realize in the moment mn what had just happened? do youu open remember it or just all a blur? blur >> i remember it. i can't go back and refeel it it that way. it was -- it was just on another level of what i was feeling anda so i've tried watching the matct again to just -- kind of see ifi i'll feel that again and it'sand like i do. i feel amazing but not the way it felt in that moment. it's just surreal, and it really truly was an honor to wrestle
10:33 am
i don't think america noes --oe they know her legacy as far asfr what she's won but i don'tut i t really think they know the typee of person that yo shade today iy and how much avenue star she's in japan not because she wins ws but for who she is. they think she was crying justis because she lost and she wasst w upset but i've actually beenee sent articles translated fromnsm japan just about what it reallya meant for her and how she was just devastated that she feltatt she let her country down and so reading it again and seeing thet match again i realize how h powerful of a moment it was fors both of us.f u because it's -- i mean she was w trying to make history by being the first four timer and i wasai trying to make history by beingi the first girl ever. ever. it's like both of our dreams are colliding.lliding. >> i'm glad yours came true. >> take me to the -- one of my favorite moments that's olympicy and i cry every time is the is t medal ceremony.emony so when you see the flag going g up because you are the best ine the world, you wouldn't, what ia that like
10:34 am
>> it's -- thoughts in my mindyn it was just emotions and i'm like here's this legend standing next to me and i've been preparing and scouterring andnga watching film and trying to geto in her head for so many yearsea and to my left here these otherh girls that i previously lost tot and then before i stepped on i'm like just coming, you know, to , terms with the fact of every eve struggle i went through andth everyone that sacrificed for mem every of one that helped me and god really, me? did i real dollar this. >> really you.eallyou. i want to get couple of things s in. because i hear you heard fromeao some pretty high profile peoplel after you won. w >> oh yeah. >> you can say their names. >> it was amazing. amazi i didn't -- i'm always usedays under the something people don't watch women's wrestling i got aa tweet from first lady of theyf united states michelle obama, and, um, from rhonda rousey andy i've seen, you know, i've seen i her -- been to her fights befo before, and from
10:35 am
with wwe and just a bunch of amazing people. >> how did you give neat women'm wrestling.esg. >> my younger brother started sd when he was young and he didn'td have so i was seven and my mom didn't want to make him quit she told me to take my shoes off and jumm in there after two weeks of getting -- -- doing all these hard work outs s bet with my dad if i won my first match he'd let me continui wrestling and that was the onlyy match i won all year.llea >> and then you became the besta in the world.orld you haven't lost since present t 14 or something.some >> in the past two years.past >> it's hard to remember the last two years.wo years. >> what's next for you.t's >> >> well deserved.eser well answered and you know whatw i'll have this hunch becauseh this is heavy. is hea i would never take it off if i was. wa congratulations. thank you so much for making ouo country so thank you. >> for spending time with us ont good day. we're really proud of you. of yu >> thank you for having me. >> thank over to ya'll. >> have you slept with the meda on >> no. no
10:36 am
condition.tion (laughter).ter) >> roll over and crush >> don't go any r i've got to it get a picture. um so inspired by you. >> congratulations. >> thank you.>> >> from wrestling to the bockinn ring coming up next allisonext n seymour sits down with the stare of the new movie hands of stone to talk about bringing the legendary rivalry to the big screen. we're talking about usher ramonm up close and personal and his friendship with the folks who live over at 1600 pennsylvaniana avenue.av you might have heard of them. te all right? time now, 10:36. 1 we'll be right back. b ♪
10:37 am
10:38 am
10:39 am
♪ he's on the ropes.opes >> two fighters at the top ofop their game.ame. >> yes, yes, yes. stay up. up >> get out of there. (bell dings). >> ring of the bell.. that's clip from the new moviehw hands of stone it tells thetehe story of boxer row roberto doran a former welder weight champion who beat sugar ray leonard t
10:40 am
earn that title he quit in theee middle of the row match whichtch became known as the nomas fightg allison seymour got a chanceha talk with the star of the moviee >> am i supposed to be up here.r >> yes. >> how is everybody doing.s eveg >> that was brilliant intros t right there. >> that was.. >> i didn't know if i was supposed to be over there.o be o >> you are where you're supposee to be in live right now. live g >> i can in the wait to see thii movie. movi >> it does look good.does >> the heyday of bocking. right.ri >> is this his debut.eb >> i said the same thing. tng >> he was in another movie he was a tighe high school studentu where they took over the high >> 21 jump street.1 mp s >> she's all that. >> okay.>> well so would you like me toli tell you more about this.s >> i would november nothing moe more. >> okay. actor edward rah myhr less plays the pan american hero. i don't know what that word sayr but he was the fighter of coursc from panama and r and b super sp star usher plays his arrival d.c.'s very own sugar ray ray leonard.d i talk to both them about the figh
10:41 am
summoning the spirits of these t two legendary boxers workingorkg with robert did he 94 row r himself, raging bull and usher'r first name relationship with ths first family. >> really? rea >> here it is.>> >> i didn't know there was more to doran after the nomas fight.. i'm learning so much just fromhm the trailer. >> yeah, and there's way moree and you're gonna discover it in the film. it's a fascinating story. nomas fight became the iconic fight of -- actually the one that made this rivalry betweenee sugar leonard and roberto dorann iconic for generations andatio d generations and this movie isd e going to among many other thingr going to give everybodyybody especially boxing fans very interesinteresting clues about e went down that night in new orleans the night of the nomas.. >> speaking of the nomas well as th
10:42 am
understanding of roberto dorantn from the beginning of his life.. at least the beginning of his connection to bocking.ocking but, yeah, for sugar ray leonara all the people who love sugarug ray leonard from d.c..c >> yeah g really great to be on the screen and show love for our home boy.. >> what was it like? what werea you it like playing him? you h know he's such an iconic persono so energetic and from what i'vev seen you nail it. >> first and for most i had to t get the body right. because he's a welder weight.ghl of training to do that and thent also to being trained by him.y h >> would you were you.ould you r >> made it even better. edgar trained with roberto dorao in pan ma in a. >> that's mazing. maz >> to have -- yeah, we had the champs supporting us and helping us and teaching us theirs tir techniques and their secrets.
10:43 am
match that.t. imagine how transform ma tiff m that experience has been for us. >> i know i benefited from the abs in the transformation of tht body. yes. >> we're looking forward to it t usher.r. if we're honest >> abs i never had before.efor >> if i'm being honest.t. >> we're looking forward it froo both of you.bof yo let's put that out there. the let me asking you what was theat inside? were sugar ray andnd roberto did they have any sortns of relationship out of the ring? yeah, they're friends.ends they actually were having a lotl of fun last night here in newn e york during the premier. premi they're very -- they're closelo friends and, yeah. >> after this very can tanker te russ relationship and very odd o conflict between the two of theo the film does focus on that.t. for boxing fans the psychological aspect of boxing,x but there was a great deal of da tension between the two of theme the first time they met.y m there was great deal of insultss to his wife and him. him. it intimidated him. him >> all part of the strategy.
10:44 am
>> but i think that he igniteded something much different thatha became an added to who sugar ray leonard would be an edge and you saw that in the second fight. f. >> let me ask you one more movie related question.stio working with robert deniro, i mean, what is this like. >> working with bob as we aree a allowed to call him now. >> we were blessed.>> we >> yeah. >> bob. imagine having raging bull in your corner of your train -- asa your trainer.ner i mean that's a dream come trueu it doesn't get better than that. to be in boxing film. boxin. we actors deep inside, we dreame of doing making a boxing film. >> yeah. >> and then getting to -- to getting to make one playingng sugar ray leonard, roberto dorad and then having robert deniroo raging bull as your trainer in the film together with you inhou the film.fil the guy who starred in what tot me is the best greatest boxing n film in history,.ry,.
10:45 am
>> and we got this guy in ourur film. so it's a dream come true. >> movie fans can't wait.t. usher can't let you go withoutho asking about your time in d.c. you've been a regular at the white house. >> yeah. i've had great time. had it's been an mazing eight yearsy and really looking forward too this next phase. you know, voting now is more mor important than it ever has been. you know, i'm really happy thatt we had this opportunity withnitt regards to all of the aspects that we really focus onus on political issues, subtly in thee movie, but i'm really happy andp i'm actually going to callo c michelle and make sure she showo her support and also to president barrack to show theirt support for the film as well. >> first name basis and new music, mr. usher raymond? r >> it's coming.omin >> okay.ka >> it's coming. it's ming >> beautiful song he wrote for r the film champions.ns it's beautiful.. you're going to love it. >> let me extent the invitationo the neck time you all are in dci please come by and viv us here e on
10:46 am
>> we will most certainly do that and that was the firstt wa lady, you are right. rig. not first name.rst n you were right.were r. reminding me.nding >> no, that's not even -- when-n you -- when you went into yeaina for the music you know i wantedn to you say yea, man., man but you didn't. didn' >> well, yea, man., m >> okay. thank you very much. >> oh, man. >> on the record. >> hands of stone hits theaterss friday. i will seeing that movie. die not correct him.ct h >> it's okay. when he said i was like how darr you call them by their firstst names. >> i did not intentionallytional correct him. h >> he's friends with them.nds t. >> of course. of co >> i did too.oo >> i think because you're aec hiphop legend you feel like youo can do >> he did tell me he saw -- -- you're bigger than any situati situation. >> i got podcast and that g whed will it be ready. it ea >> next year sometime.ext ar s >> let me know if you need some help. help >> all right.ll r you got it. >> 10:46. we'll get a taste of childhoodho in the form of chic
10:47 am
forget about the hot wings oh,h, so familiar with. wh we're tasting a little peanut p butter jelly time wings coming up next and meeting this mad genius who made them a d.c. d.c dining must have.ustave. >> you got the first line. the l hit the mo. >> i heard allison don't vet i'm with made no sense. (laughter). it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa.
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ges start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits.
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10:50 am
♪ peanut butter jelly 10:50. we rarely get to this say this i is but peanut butter jelly time. childhood staple.ta one local chef found way of way making it -- microphone.. >> little cover up.p. with the apron. >> there we good.oo now you can hear me.yon hear little bit better.ette see what happens when ioduria ia try to dress the part. dre the i can't dress myself.elf i'm like child myself this mad scientist in the kitchen combined chicken wings for one r of kind spin on bar favorite. it sounds weird they actuallyctl look pretty g here to explainxpn why he would do that too
10:51 am
show off some of his other unique representative dakota's show executive chef damien bro brown. dakota open couple months now. n >> doing fairly well.airlwell fairly well. >> when did you open in june.eni >> we opened up in >> in march, okay.ka >> going throughout the summer.e >> and it is in shaw not far f from u street. street. why the idea to go pbj wings. wn >> i was trying to tie in myy childhood memories.orie that's what i ate lot pb and j.j why to bring it into what i doo now. >> is the flavor overwhelminglyy pb and j. >> no, they're perfect blend.ctd >> we think about peanuts and asian kind of spices. sces. seem to come to mind. >> think about -- i you got the salty and sweet from the peanu peanuts. severing bomb.vering b >> when you talk about carelkut about wings you're trying to put collection of wing recipes different ideas the brainsas tuying to think of now stuff dos you care.yo >> actually working on a book ab called crazy wings
10:52 am
>> i think that sums it upper if he can whole we talk about theut wings that might in there. there one of them we'll assemble tod today. what kind of mad scientist s cooking are we doing. >> which are row cola, barbecueu and pop rocks. >> garnished with pop rocks wit the wings. >> yes.>> yes. >> all right.>> a let's throw it together. what are we going to do yes.does >> we start with the cola.ol >> all right. >> i guess the burner works. who!? >> that's too hot we can turnan that down a little bit. >> you want to put ketchup.etup >> our barbecue sauce. >> yes.>>es apple cidar >> i like the measuring skills.s >> brown sugar. chefs don't like to use measuring spoons.g sp >> i'm well aware of that. >> everything, everything.ry >> so cher row cola. chet cup, vinegar, brown should you garr, and that's pretty much barbecue sauce we'll use. >> that's it.>> >> we would let to reduce down.w you brought some with youit already done good yup.d >> let that row dues down
10:53 am
do you grill your wings isn'tr actually i fry them. >> flash fry. >> flash fry the wings. the wins cure it over night and then fryy it. it. >> let's talk about that firstou of all.t what does that do if you cure it overnight?nigh >> my spice actually penn statea to the bone.tohe b most people do brian. ban but i'm actually trying to deep deepen trait to the bone.. >> we'll spice them, let themhem cure overnight and flash fryla f them and then we're going to do's them with >> garnish them with pop rocks.. >> all right.>> let's do it up. >> all right. rig take couple and we'll just let you work your magic.. what sells on the menu? youou came up with this whole men yess yourself.urself. >> yes. we have chicken and waffles.afes >> but it's not your average ara basic chicken and waffles.fl >> of course it's in the.t's in. >> crazy chicken and >> crazy chicken and waffles.afs it's sweet potato waffle likeik southern fried then garnish with like a black pepper maple syrup. >> wow!>> w >> i'm anti tradition. aio it's like my style.ty >> i like that.ik
10:54 am
to go with g this is different from -- you--y worked in other restaurants in i d.c. first time you really hadlh total control of a kitchen. >> first time ever.ver thank you. y. >> thank the openers of thehe o restaurant for doing that forngo you. so because you have control when you experiment with thing like this, different wing flavors,g , might they end up on the menu at some point. >> yes. >> kind of keep the experimenting going at home? >> keep the crazy going. >> speaking of -- pop rocks. rks >> and what was the, um, the reasoning -- you can hear themem >> what was the reason behinde n this whole idea of throwing thee pop rocks on there? was this ti after a late knit at thehe restaurant maybe you were like y let's good ahead and combine ala these ingredients.ts >> like a late night >> there you go. you g >> pull this off before we rower dues too much on our high heat.t >> can i try one. >> sure.>> let's do it up
10:55 am
>> i'm not going to lie that lie work. >> it's all about the crazy textures.xtes. >> um-hmm. it's not just the sweetness fros the cola and you really tasteste the cola in everything you getr the pop rocks actually giving ii a little bit of a little littlel sizzle in >> i like it.>> i i like it.i like it. good stuff. >> here.>> he. here. >> what's up? >> we decided to come on over. >> they look finger looking go good. >> that looks too spicy for me. >> really?l >> live a little, wis.le, s >> live little. >> it's very sweet. set >> do you have the peanut bettee jelly ones? >> pop rocks cola. >> can you taste the peanuteat >> he'll whip up the peanutp hep butter --butter >> this is pop rocks cola. col >> he's going to whip up thehe peanut butter one for me.e f me. >> what about the pe pee in youu butter.butter. >> he's doing it.e's do >> i'm standing over here withet my mouth watering.wa i want to try some of the wingss i'm a little jealous. save me one if you can a lot ofo chatter on social mode ya thishi morning got to show love for our local olymp
10:56 am
christie says congrats helen maroules you are such anh an inspiration you make americae aa proud.proud so we congratulate you whatha pleasure to have you on the show today. holly getting a lot of chatterlr on social media today on twitter.te yes, holly, everyone noes yoursr story in parentheses google forr you to be brave enough to tell o us makes me a bigger fan.ran a will the of people weighing in on her podcast.. and then bella says holly i lovv that you shared this i've been a fan long before this and hurt hr for you back then so glad to see you shining again.gain. so holly a lot of folks watchinn good day weighing in on your pap cast and loving it. and if you haven't listen yet you yy should do so. s vaughn says poor hygiene alwaysa number one deal breaker.eal er a lot of folk have those datingn deal breakers.akers. i agree with hold follow sex isi a deal maureen i have the same opinioni about you monogamy.ogamy lots to get through.hrgh i'll toss it back to you guys ii want to join you. y. >> come on over. damien, thank you very much.h. the rest at a cad dough in shaw. check out this crazy wing win collection and
10:57 am
book will be out soon.oon. >> the pop rocks rock!ock! >> see you tomorrow.
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